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Spam Heads


After receiving a text message from my bank stating that they would never send me an e-mail, I started to wonder just who it is that sends those annoying SPAM mails? You know those ‘I want to be your friend’ ones or the ‘win a voucher’ for your local supermarket. Is it the pale, pimpled faced youngster sat in his bedroom with the curtains closed that I seem to have imprinted in my mind or some slick chap sat in a fancy chair at the top of a plush office block? I suppose that in reality it will be the latter, with a ‘team’ that are tasked with ripping innocents off, and who are always finding clever ways to get hold of your ‘hard earned’. Sadly, they must have more than the odd few victories on some poor souls to be able to keep going! So, with December fast approaching and the pennies being spent at a rate of knots, the not so clued up, internetty / digitally aware (old) amongst us should think twice or maybe thrice before clicking that £200 off bog roll and therefore giving the SPAM heads reasons to keep going with this awful practice!

Party Time

The Christmas work party season is here!

For some it’s exciting, for some it can be daunting, for some memorable, for some forgettable! The staff at Ford Market use the local pub in Yapton and we have a quite competitive game of skittles, followed by a pool competition, whilst imbibing best bitter and the odd strange cocktail and munching through the sausage rolls and Turkey sandwiches.

I believe a good time is had by all, maybe in small part because we all seem to ‘play nicely’ and have an unwritten ‘law’ of no social media. So, come the next morning / lunchtime when your slumber ends, you are not red faced and screaming WTF, OMG or LOL at some embarrassment put on Faceygram or the like, that the whole world gets to see!

We hear stories when people chat about their ‘office do’s‘ 😀 when it seems, they go out for the evening dressed like a superstar and go home looking like a monstar! With a photocopy of a bare bum in their pocket…..


If you are out and about doing a bit of Christmas shopping locally (or voting on the 12th) in Bognor, Littlehampton or Chichester, why not pop in to see us or even stop by first before the shops are open. You can grab a great bargain on the Market which is open every Sunday or come to find that perfect thing for so & so that will not be for sale anywhere else (you never know!) at one of the popular car boot sales we hold on the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps ending up with a relaxing lunch at the Oyster Catcher down the road or at one of the lovely pubs or cafés in Arundel which I think looks very festive at this time of the year.