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When you first visit Ford Market, you will no doubt have several questions about what you need to do and how it works. Below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions that hopefully will help you.

Are you open this Thursday, Saturday or Sunday?
Yes – all year round – whatever the weather, we are open. The site is a former runway so there are no access problems any time of year. (The only exception being we don’t open on Christmas Day or Boxing Day if either or both fall on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.)

Are there toilets on site?
Yes, we have a large, purpose-built block at the entrance to the market with disabled access.

Is there somewhere to buy refreshments?
Yes, there are catering wagons on site each day.

What time is best to arrive?
There is no best time. you must be here before 8am on Thursday and Saturdays or 9.00am on Sundays. From that point we stop letting any more carbooters in as the public are on site.

We start letting carbooters in at 6.00 (7.30 on Sundays) as it is a large site and it does take a while to get the traders on site safely.

You are likely to be in a queue but we try to keep this moving as smoothly as possible. It does help if you have the right change available for the size of pitch that you want.

There are two lines on each side of the runway and these merge in turn. If you want to turn up with a friend, then queue next to each other and let the parking advisor know that you are together. This cannot be guaranteed.

What size pitch?
A pitch is £10 per 10ft frontage you car have as many as you like.

Does it matter where my pitch is?
There are four lines of parked ‘booters' and the public walk around the site in both directions so they will have to walk past your pitch wherever you are.

How much to charge?
This is up to you but bear in mind that the public are there to look for bargains and will use their phone to check values and prices. Be prepared to haggle. If you don’t want to take your goods home, then be willing to accept low offers.

Can I drive a larger item out for a customer?
No. We have trolleys available by the entrance that are free to hire for 20 minutes (deposit required to ensure their return). If a customer wants to take a larger item away it is up to them to come to the entrance to hire a trolley. You cannot drive it out for them.

When can I leave?
For reasons of public safety we do not let anyone drive off the trading site until instructed to do so. You can pack up before then but please do not try to leave as you will be stopped by a member of staff.
PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AT ALL TIMES especially when leaving at the end of the day as there will be members of the public wandering around the site. We operate a clockwise, one-way exit so please make sure you leave the site on the side furthest from the toilet block.

What if it rains?
We still open so if you choose to pay to set up on the site you take the risk of any bad weather – we do not give refunds. If all the public have left and it is safe to do so we may, at our discretion, allow you to leave early

Is there somewhere to leave unwanted goods at the end of the day?
No, it is your responsibility to take your unsold items away with you. Fly tipping is illegal

Ford Airfield Market and Car Boot Sale

All enquiries: Nicholas Horsecroft - Market Manager
Tel: 07584485608 (No calls or messages will be taken on Monday or Tuesday or after 5pm throughout the week)
Email: info@fordairfieldmarket.co.uk