School's out for Summer
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School's out for Summer


The School Summer holidays used to be longer and warmer when we were young!

I remember my Mum saying this and now find myself saying the very same thing 🙂 and suppose our kids will say the same thing to their children in the years to come. Mind you, last summer’s kids will have a point with those record-breaking temperatures.

Then there was the buying of the school uniform, what a palaver! Being dragged around all the specific shops and not liking the shoes that were being picked for me or the one size bigger jumper to make it last the year! A bit older, then the ‘being clever’ bit and buying my sons kit at the start of the hol's only to find he had grown nearly 2 inches in the six weeks! Moving on a few years when at work on the Airfield, I remember Brian & Viv arriving at Ford Market before sunlight to get their kids clothing stall ready for a busy day, having anxious parents and their moody offspring waiting. Nowadays a quick visit to a well-known superstore who won’t run out of shirts and trousers and it’s done, all for under £20, but I suppose it will still be as traumatic for all involved…..

Well we are hoping for one of those long, not so hot summers in West Sussex, maybe with a bit of drizzle overnight for the watering of the gardens and keeping away the dreaded hose pipe ban!