January Blues
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January Blues


January Blues

Well here we are, very nearly at the end of January, the bustle of the Christmas festivities seems ages ago now and the New Year resolutions in the main have been tried and failed for most of us. The sales have ended and the only Amazon you want to visit is the one Richard Attenborough talks about!  So perhaps now is the time for that new broom to come from the cupboard and start sweeping clean! Now is that time of the year for the big clear out! Time to bring stuff down from the loft, time to tidy the shed / garage, time for the spare room clear-out etc etc. Dust it off, price it up & load it and the kids into the car and head off to our car boot sale on Ford Airfield. We are just a few miles south of Arundel & Petworth, west of Littlehampton & Worthing and east from Bognor Regis & Chichester. In fact, it is not too far to travel wherever you are in West Sussex. Check here for the website map https://www.fordairfieldmarket.co.uk/contact/

We do open on every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, whatever the good old British weather wants to throw at us (and boy has it thrown some of the wet stuff at us this past few weeks maybe even months!) But we will be here at 7.30 every Thursday & Saturday & 8.30 on Sunday and will still be here throughout the year!

The Kipper Season

January, February & March are traditionally a lean time for the new goods side of our business and is known in the industry as ‘the kipper’ 🙂 This marks the first 3 months of the year when the slowdown of trade & tightening of purse strings after the busy summer and Christmas period when, as folk law has it, you could only afford to eat kippers instead of steak! This term is also widely used by taxi drivers and fairground workers we believe.

We have heard the term ‘Veganuary’ quite a bit recently for the last few years and quite a few people seem to be getting involved with it. Maybe it has become another way of eating when the pennies are hard to come by! (Tony’s smiling on his Fruit & Veg stall)

With Burns night on the 25th Veganuary & dry Jan could come to an abrupt end with a plate of Haggis, Neeps n Tatties washed down with a wee dram!

Littlehampton Leap

If you really want to clear the cobwebs from your body & brain and help a couple of local charities, there is the Littlehampton Leap! After visiting Ford market and car boot sale on Sunday the 26th you can jump into the River Arun from the Red footbridge near the Arun view pub in your swimmers or fancy dress! Details are here if you are feeling a bit brave / mad / daft

http://www.arundivers.org.uk/leap2020.htm  Good luck!

February in my opinion is the most horrid month of them all and is just a few days away now 🙁 How I wish that we were one of the species that hibernated! I could go to bed on the first and watch the Rugby six nations (possibly get up for Valentines) and look forward to the spring! No such luck with the car boot sale being so busy and to cap it all it has an extra day this year! Bloody Leap years!