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C Time


This October has been a strange one for stall holders and trading in general! Normally we have to cope with the blustery gusts and gales during this month strapping down the gazebo’s etc and stock items or anything that could take off to be blown into a field, but it has turned out be just a little soggy! Loads of rain! Bucket loads in fact! With not a lot of wind to blow it away, so on a lot of our opening days, once it arrived it stayed with us for quite a few hours, sometimes with the bonus break of the odd bit of sunshine and warmth and T-shirt weather then back to the wellies! But as we well know, this is Britain, and we should expect to have the ‘four seasons in one day’ (I feel a song coming on) I suppose at this time of the year!

With Halloween fast approaching and the horrible turning back of the clocks an hour nearly upon us, for most of the car boot sales in the West Sussex area it is the time of year when they are closing or have closed down their fields for the winter until the so called ‘season’ starts again next summer. But for all of us here at Ford Airfield it is business as usual, having this unique all weather surface means that we can keep up our popular three weekly sales on a Thursday, Saturday and of course the Sunday Market and car boot sale open every week! Winter Spring Summer or Fall! (another song maybe) so if you suddenly feel that need to come and find a bargain or have a ‘clear out’ of the loft or shed at home or are just one of many carbootaholic’s that we see regularly throughout the year, you can rest assured that we will be open whatever the good old British weather decides to throw at us! Although unfortunately during this year’s festive time, Boxing day falls on a Thursday so will be the only one that we shall miss and not open. Damn! I have now mentioned the dreaded ‘C’ time and I know that it is still two months away so don’t start to panic. Let me remind you that the last Sunday before Christmas day is the 22nd so don’t forget that you will be able to save time amongst all the hustle and bustle on what will be a busy one, by placing your orders with Paul the Butch or Jodie on the front of the meat lorry for your Turkey’s and Sausages etc or with Becky on the F&V stall for the spuds, carrots and of course the lovely sprouts for the big dinner 🙂 up to a couple of weeks beforehand and have it ready to collect. Leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a bacon butty and a cup of tea from one of the catering kiosks or a stroll around the stalls looking for that party jumper or a pair of slippers for Granny. Simples!