6th June D-Day
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6th June D-Day


What a great D Day show by the BBC yesterday! We were glued to the TV all morning & back for the brilliant Red Arrows air show in the afternoon and it was all thoroughly enjoyed. At the car boot sale today, everyone had an opinion on the Veterans, happy at first then a bit sad hearing the stories, pleased that they were going to enjoy a trip and service in France today but most agreed that there should be an annual celebration of this size.

Ford Airfield being a WW2 base has an association with D-Day which you can read a little about on this website under ‘The History of the Airfield’ heading.

We are off for the afternoon to Clymping beach or should that be Climping? I think it used to be with a y but the Post office changed it to i, maybe some research is needed 🙂 it is still a bit chilly at the moment when the sun pops behind a cloud, so it maybe a short visit.

Back on Saturday & Sunday for the Market and Car Boot sales, so ‘see you there’


PS. The Poppies in the picture are in bloom on the Airfield